Specimen Lake Fishing Rules / Terms & Conditions

We take pride in looking after our fish, the rules are designed to ensure the fish come first

1, Anglers can only use our bait. This is for the welfare of our fish, and the fisheries. All Boilies and Particles etc must be supplied by Woodlands Tackle.
2, Anglers may use there own hookbaits. Only fidget boilie & pellets allowed.
3, No Floating Baits.
4, Anglers must take all litter home.
5, Barbless hooks only.
6, Anglers must set up their bivvies in designated swims only.
7, Please respect fellow anglers.
8, 2 rod limit.
9, No entering the water under any circumstances.
10, No braided reel lines.
11, No boats of any kind.
12, Anglers must have current rod licence and fish care kit.
13, Any anglers breaking these rules will be asked to leave without a refund.
14. Rods are NOT to be left unattended whilst fishing.
15. Fish by booking only .
16. EA Rod licence required.
17. Minimum 42 inch net.
18. No parking in the restaurant car park.
19. Please report any fish over 25lb and provide pictures if possible.
20. No open fires or BBQ’s.
21. Every peg must have at least 1 unhooking mat.